Welcome To Crypto Deep Space!


Welcome to Our Community!

Here’s what to expect:

  • Somewhere to turn if you need to get unstuck. Whether you’re publishing your first episode ever or starting your third show, everyone gets stuck.
  • Regular live-streamed AMAs and talks with podcasting experts, giving you an opportunity to get great, tailored answers fast.
  • A place to meet co-hosts, guests, mentors and padawans.
  • Access a library of free, curated resources for new podcasters and podcasters looking to grow.
How to get started:
  • Read the rules pinned in the right sidebar
  • If you’re comfortable with it, add a photo of yourself to your profile
  • Introduce yourself! Tell us about you and your pod, what you’d like help with, and what you can help others with.
  • Got a specific question you want to get some feedback or advice on? Pop it into one of the ‘Get & Give Help’ channels
  • Brand new to podcasting? Take a look at our ‘Zero to Launch’ course in the resources channel
  • Have fun
Crypto Deep Space
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